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TickerMarket Price At AnalysisValuation Closed Fair Value Download
38.1411.03.202344.02 intc_fundi
317.5409.25.2023280.16 msft_fundi
255.709.21.2023114.30 tsla_fundi
96.1109.21.202380.70 amd_fundi
410.1709.21.2023283.17 nvda_fundi
174.1609.05.2023183.88 pep_fundi
191.2412.01.2023178.00 aapl_fundi
16.1711.23.202324.70 t_fundi
153.8708.29.2023160.94 pg_fundi
34.8608.29.202346.17 vz_fundi
131.0508.11.2023116.28 tgt_fundi
48.0811.22.202354.19 csco_fundi

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Quick Scan: Implements a rapid assessment based on short-term technical indicators. It offers a good chance to spot stocks of companies where the short-term trend is changing. It provides good buying and selling signals at a time when the trend changes. Exit points are not defined unless the trend changes, which can act as a stop-loss and simultaneously signify the opening of a position in the opposite direction. more>>


FutureValue.hu intrinsic value calculation of the S&P 500 index. Updated weekly.


S&P500 : 5026.67

S&P500 FutureValue.hu calculated intrinsic value :
Median value:

The calculation is based on DCF valuation method. The current expectation data derived from S&P Dow Jones Indices  , Refinitiv  , FactSet,   Yardeni . Calculation sample download:

Chart of fair value of S&P500

Calculated Fair Value of S&P500 by FutureValue.hu

The implied equity risk premium as of the date above:


Calculated Equity Risk Premium by FutureValue.hu

Current Credit Ratings spread for valuation

Other valuation approaches for S&P500:

Valuation multiples:

P/E for S&P500
12 Months Forward P/E for S&P500
P/BV for S&P500
P/S for S&P500

The shiller's CAPE ratio is the real (inflation-adjusted) price of a share divided by a ten-year average of real earnings per share.

The Rule of 20 an old valuation yardstick that long went out of fashion. It stated that the prospective price/earnings multiple should be the number derived from subtracting the rate of inflation from 20. If these two added up to more than 20, then the market was probably too expensive. A combined total lower than this was a good buying indicator.

Liquidity-driven valuation is based on the premise that the Federal Reserve Bank has the ability to directly and indirectly influence the market through monetary policy tools, such as Open Market Operations. These operations involve the central bank selling or purchasing securities in the open market to influence the money supply. The M2 Monetary Aggregate, a broad measure of the money supply. An increase or decrease in the M2 can significantly impact the pricing of financial assets.
M2 to S&P500 Market Capitalization ratio
S&P500 and Theoretical Value of the S&P 500 based on M2

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